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10 Important Items to Gather for Your Photog!


I wish you could see me right now -- I'm sitting at Starbucks and I'm jumping my seat because I'm SO stinking excited for you, friend! I remember when I was getting married, I had no clue what to expect when it came to my photography. My husband and I DIYed everything so a lot of the last minute details fell to us. That's why I wanted to make this list. I know the struggle the morning of your wedding or even at an engagement shoot; You're trying not to forget anything, making sure that it's all in order so you can just go and be married! I WISH I would have had a checklist with me. So, without further a due, whether you've been engaged for two years or two minutes, here are the 10 most common items YOU should gather together before the morning of your wedding!

Olive Branch



Your engagement & wedding rings (including the grooms.)

Olive Branch

Michaela's Tip!

Grab a purse, duffel, or bag!

(Just make sure it's large enough to fit everything you'll need!)

I always pack up the night before any shoot, vacation, or event just to make sure that I have everything I could possibly need. You'll want one large enough to hold some fairly small, yet key, items. Organization is super important, especially on your wedding day, so making sure you have all of these things ready to go is crucial so you're not scrambling the morning of -- plus it makes getting those adorable detail shots super easy for your photog.

Still looking for a photographer??​

I would be SO HONORED to be your wedding photog! Let's set up a time to chat and talk about your big day!

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