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Warm + Cozy in San Diego | Newlywed Couples Session | The Lowell's | 8.5.2018

When I started photography eight years ago, it was just a hobby. I was all about landscapes and sunsets, I didn't edit anything and I didn't have any particular style I stuck to. It wasn't until earlier this year that I realized I loved photographing people and then even more than that, couples.


Chelsie and Travis got married in April of this year and I've been itching to take their photos pretty much since the beginning of their relationship. We were all finally able to make the time and let me just say -- magic happened. 


First off, wow. These two are crazy in love so, duh, I'm all for it. Second, we had SO MUCH FUN! We started out at a local botanical garden in our hometown, but we didn't know they closed at 5:00 so we rolled up at 4:45 and had 15 minutes to get as many good shots as I could possibly capture. We ended up at Better Buzz ( a favorite spot for Chelsie and me) and we all got out of our comfort zones in a crowded coffee shop, surrounded by a lot of people, and still trying to be discrete.


Our last location was a lagoon that Chelsie knew about -- I had never been there, but it was perfect! Her dress against the sunset was insanely gorgeous. Honestly, you guys, the sun had this amazing golden hue and when I was editing it, I couldn't believe the tone of everything.


I hope you enjoy looking through these timeless moments -- it was such an honor for me to be able to capture this love story.



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