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Polka-dot Perfection| 15-year anniversary session at Batiquitos Lagoon | Mark & Kortney Weseloh | 2.23.2019

First off, how stinking cute are Kortney and Mark? They MATCHED polka dot clothing items! I mean come on, if that isn't couple goals, I don't know what is.


The Weseloh's are actually clients of my husband and asked if I could do some photos for their 15th anniversary -- we were beyond stoked and I could not have picked more perfect weather. The sun was creamy and warm, the way it always is after a rainstorm.


They spent the afternoon cuddled up, laughing, running around, and even almost sinking into the marsh! Note to self: if there's a rope, don't cross it. What I loved the most about this session, was how playful and fun Kortney and Mark are. They were totally down to jump on each other's backs, spin around, break some rules, and just have some fun. We caught those serious moments, too, but the underlying tone was laid back and blissful.


Raphael and I love working with couples like this - we're a couple of goofballs so it's always fun to capture people who are wired the same way. If you love to run around with your love and make some memories, give us a holler! We would love to plan your next adventure with you!







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