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Together or Not at All | San Diego Engagement | Robert + Lorena | 10.21.2018

Together or not at all ... I heard this quote from one of my closest friends the other day and, I gotta tell you, it fits this couple perfectly.


Fun fact about Lorena is that she is my super extraordinary mother-in-law! That alone made this day 100% more special to myself and Raphael (my rockstar husband). Not-to-mention that Robert is actually the father of one of my brides! Excuse me while I go cry into my coffee...kay, I'm back. 


Robert and Lorena met at The Belching Beaver here in our hometown and what started out as a simple conversation, soon turned into a lifetime of adventure and wonder. I can honestly say that I have never met a more dynamic couple, The way they complement each other's personalities is something I've only experienced in my own marriage and it's been such a joy for us to witness them fall madly in love with one another. Raphael and I were so excited to be apart of their swoon-worthy engagement in Times Square earlier this year -- seriously guys. Times Square. Like, what? (If you want to see photos, head to my Instagram page!)


Before I really start to cry, let me just tell you that this engagement session had so much energy! These two wanted to jump off walls and climb cliffs on the side of the ocean ( it wasn't that bad, but I might have had a mini heart attack. There's a reason I'm creative, y'all!) I quickly became an adventure photog. No joke.  


With Robert and Lorena, nothing can be half-way done or just good enough. It needs to be great because they ooze greatness from the very core of who they are. It brings my heart to its knees when I think of what these two are going to accomplish together -- and not that I'm biased, but I wouldn't have picked anyone greater for Lorena than this man. I've spent hours praying that God would bring someone like him into her life, someone to care for and protect her, someone to love and cherish her, a man worthy of her heart.


I truly hope you enjoy these photos -- they mean more to us than any other engagement we've done so far because they hold so much more weight in our hearts. 


To the soon-to-be Garcia's, we love you guys!




Raphael and Michaela

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