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After all this Time | Winter Engagement | Robert + Jaimie | 2.3.2019

It had been pouring all week - and I'm definitely NOT exaggerating when I say pouring. SoCal has been experiencing the biggest rain season in years and we just-so-happened to have an engagement shoot in the middle of a storm. But let me tell you, this session was magic. At the last possible second, the clouds opened up and we were able to witness the most stunning sunset OF. ALL. TIME!!!


Jaimie and Robert have been together for nine years. That's right NINE. like, what? Raphael and I were barely able to manage dating for a year and a half before we decided to tie the knot. I commend this couple on their patience and honestly, how insanely cute are they? The whole shoot I was in awe of their playfulness that emerged the deeper into the session we got. It's like they got totally cozy in front of my lens and let Raphael and me into a piece of their personality that only they get to see.


I was totally in love with working with this couple -- If you're insanely in love and getting married, LET'S CHAT!! We love getting to know the stories that make up your relationship, and we love making new friends even more.​


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