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Cowboy Boots and Kisses | Fallbrook, CA | River & Lexi | 1.27.2019 

For everything, there is a season. For these two, their season started in friendship. I seriously love any love story where the couple starts out as friends -- and I promise I'm not being biased. In all seriousness, though, River and Lexi have something rare: authentic love.


One of the biggest honors is being able to capture time for my couples - I've said it time and time again, and I'll probably be saying it a year from now because it's undoubtedly the BEST part of my job. We drove out to the countryside of Fallbrook, which, if you're not from California, is the closest thing we have to the old west out here. We hiked down the Santa Margarita River Trail to the most peaceful creek/river ever and HE CARRIED HER ACROSS IT! That's right, River carried Lexi across the river -- how ironic is that, but in the best way, amirite?


We spent the next 45 minutes cracking up and dancing around to some bombdig country music and having the best time. Honestly, whenever we go out on a shoot, it's like hanging out with our best friends and we love it. Raphael and I are naturally super relational and we absolutely love to get to know our couples journey and tell their story through the photos we take.


River and Lexi were a joy to run around and shoot with - their story inspires us and we hope it inspires you, too.


Enjoy, friend!


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