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We are the storytellers! This is where we share some of our adventures, useful information, and a plethora of other random nuggets. This is really a journal for us to look back on, we hope you enjoy it too. 

Intimate boho Wedding / Adventure Session Recap

Knoxville Tennessee Vintage boho intimate wedding and adventure session photography

Haylee and Avery are childhood best friends that grew up together and fell in love. It’s the quintessential love story that John Hues would be so proud of (If you know, you know). I think it’s watching the depth and years of knowing each other through and through that made photographing them so different from any other couple I've worked with. They’re so comfortable together, and they were down for anything (including running around the mountains for two hours and getting SOAKED in mud, haha!)

Blundstone Chelsea Boots in the Great Smokey Mountains

I’ve known Haylee and Avery for a few years now and I've had the privilege of watching their story unfold - Haylee and I became quick friends when we worked at a local coffee shop together, and we now have the incredible honor of watching our sons become friends (they’re 5 hours apart! Like, what?!) I think the friendship we've formed bled over into the photographs, because they weren’t just comfortable with each other…they were comfortable with me. And that right there is the key to epic photos.

The thing is, if you don’t trust your photographer, you’re not going to be open to those shots that might look weird in the moment, but produce the most amazing end product. Like these photos from their engagement:

Knoxville Tennessee Engagement session

Intimate Fall Engagement session Inspiration

Black and white wedding photography

Fast forward to their wedding (which was so stinking fun!) When I tell you we had a blast…I don’t say that lightly. We danced, ate way too much cake, laughed, and had the best stinking time ever!

Vintage boho wedding at Southern Grace Manor in Maryville Tennessee

Boho wedding reception, boho wedding inspiration

Southern Grace Manor in Maryville Tennessee wedding party

Flash Photography at wedding reception in Knoxville tennessee

Up close wedding ring photograph with tattoos and wedding dress

Bride and groom in Knoxville Tennessee, smiling at the camera with bouquet and pine trees

Haylee and Avery chose to do a day after adventure session (and no, it doesn’t have to be the day after your wedding, although it totally could be!) and we wanted to go back to the mountains and see what kind of art we could create.

Enchanted adventure session in the mountains in East Tennessee.

PIcture of a bride and groom in an antique church

Black and White photo of a bride and groom dancing in knoxville tennessee

It was amazing! The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too crowded, and the end result speaks for itself.

Enchanting adventure session in the mountains. Unique and timeless wedding adventure session

Needless-to-say, this was one of my favorite shoots I’ve done and it really was the catalyst for ideal clients moving forward. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…we are not the ideal photographers for everyone and that’s okay! We love people who are laid back, like to have fun, can sit and have a cup of coffee and chat about life.

Under the veil shot in knoxville tennessee

If you’re a bride…or a future bride, what do you look for in a photographer?? And tag your favorite photog in the comments!


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