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Summer in the City | Portrait Session | Lea | 6.11.2018

Of all the people I photograph, this girl right here is the one I'm with most often. We started this project as a confidence booster for the both of us -- me coming into my own as a photographer and her coming into her own as a woman. We were two peas in a pod. Plus, she's been one of my besties for a decade ( yea, ten years!) it's hard to keep anything for that long let alone a friendship. We've done a lot of life together as we've grown and matured. Different seasons lead to different lives and different points of view. But one thing has always been certain: no matter where we are in life, we always find our way back to one another.


With this shoot, it was very impromptu and not planned at all, but we rolled with it and I think these photos turned out great! Comparing them to the first shoot we did together, both of us had a bunch more confidence and instead of being moody (not the cute kind) they're fun and playful. I had her think of Chris Evans (Captain America for you Marvel fans) and she kept busting up laughing at the thought of him actually speaking to her (he's her favorite by the way lol). 


At one point we found this really cool bush next to a bus stop, and I got creative with angles to make her look like she was standing in an enchanted garden! I think this was one of the funniest sessions I've done -- it's always so cool to watch people come alive during a shoot. Honestly, it's what keeps me going!


I really hope you enjoy looking through these photos and maybe you'll get some inspiration for your next portrait session!




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