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Intimate and Playful | Carlsbad, CA | Daniil & Alex | 2.24.2019

When Raphael and I made the decision to go all in on this business, we never expected the amount of love and pride it would bring us. We absolutely love what we do and it's filled our hearts up so much that we always want to give back - especially to our military.


My dad was an Air Force Veteran so the military has always had a special place in my heart - which is why this session was so amazing. Alex reached out to get some photos done because her husband, Daniil, was getting deployed. I immediately started jumping up and down in excitement and the planning began.


I really wanted to capture romance and intimacy in these photos, while still keeping with a playful and fun feeling. I think we did it! I had them kiss like they haven't seen each other in a year and, for them, that's easy to imagine. We adventured through Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad, California and I got them laughing with lame dad jokes and my goofy personality.


This session, for me, was so unique and it made me want to capture military love more. SO. If you or your love is serving in the military, I would LOVE to take your photos and I'll give you 25% off any session you choose, INCLUDING WEDDING PACKAGES. This is honestly such a small sacrifice to make considering you and/or your love put lives on the line every day for us. It would be such an honor to capture your moments and freeze them in time for you. Let's chat and start planning your adventure!

Enjoy, friend!




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