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Connecting With Your Couples

"We're so uncomfortable in front of a camera"

"We're a really awkward couple, seriously."

"What do I do with my hands?"


If any of these sound familiar, keep reading to find out how I overcame the awkwardness that can sometimes seep into a session.

One: Be Yo-Self!

I'm naturally a really awkward person and when I first started photographing couples, I would let the awkward seep into our sessions - no Bueno. I started embracing my "dad jokes" and quirky personality and eventually, I was able to connect and interact with my couples in a way that was authentic.


The biggest thing that made me want to switch up the way I interacted with my couples was looking through photos and being able to see how uncomfortable they looked. Seriously. It was bad. I had the same poses for everything and I wasn't confident in sessions. Basically, I would let my couples lead and guide the whole thing. What the what??



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