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Blooming Love | The Old Cactus Garden in San Diego, CA | Caleb & Danielle | 2.22.2019

As a wedding and engagement photographer, I have a really unique opportunity to take the simple moments and freeze them, "time capsule" style for you to keep looking back on 10, 20, even 30 years from now. Each session is different, and each one hold's it's own special weight in my heart. I could seriously take photos of couples forever.


Danielle and Caleb reminded me of an old school movie - they were actually the cutest ever. I loved seeing their personalities come out more and more throughout the whole session. If you're in the mood for some awesome hipster-esque photos, I HIGHLY recommend frolicking around the Old Cactus Garden at Balboa Park for an hour. Besides the fact that it's right in the middle of the downtown area of San Diego, it's also super cute and you can really play with the different colors in post ( for all my photog friends!).


This session was an adventure, to say the least - remind me never to trust Siri! She totally got us lost and I spent 20 minutes using my spider senses trying to figure out how to find this place. For future reference, you walk all the way down past all of the museums and when you come to the big fountain in the back, cross the little bridge and you'll find yourself on another planet. I can't wait to go back! *hint hint*.





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